2067 – Hard New World: 10 and 11 June 2017 7.00 pm

10 & 11 June. In our church 7-8:30pm. 2067 – Hard New World by Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue in conjunction with Northwood Methodist Church. A multi-media musical science fiction on stage projecting the future of faith in a HARD NEW WORLD. Tickets £5 on the door. Please come and support us.

by NPLS in conjunction with Northwood Methodist Church


A multi-media musical science fiction on stage projecting the future of faith in a HARD NEW WORLD

Welcome to 2067: life is virtual and real – and rationed. Imagine a post-apocalyptic world …

… where resources are scarce, yet computer technology is so advanced that digital life and real life blend seamlessly. Everyone has a glamorous online avatar in the so called ‘me- Cloud’, but real life is hard and everyone starts work at 13. Now the World Government is implementing an avatar-only program for over 70s – their physical resource demands are ‘terminated’.

All faith groups, including Methodists and Liberal Judaism, have recently been obliged to introduce a new rite of passage ceremony for 70 year olds entering the meCloud – the Go Gentle Ceremony. At the Go Gentle synagogue ceremony Joel and Sara, their grandchildren work out that ‘downloading’ them to the meCloud is at odds with central tenets of their faith – the 5th and 6th Commandments, ‘Honour your parents that your days may be long…’ and ‘Thou shalt not kill.’

Can the young people gate-crash the meCloud to save their grandparents or will evil World Security Chief Scylla terminate them too? Can the mysterious dissidents of the underground city of Subter come to their aid? Or could the answer be collective action by all the faith groups coming together?

This multimedia musical uses a brand new score played by an onstage rock band, plus film and video as well as live action, to tell a story for and featuring all generations.

£5 Tickets can be bought online or pay at the door, we don’t mind we would just like you to come and enjoy our performance.


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