Sunday Bible Study Group

At key times of the year, for example Lent and Advent, this group meet on Sunday evenings at 7.00pm to discuss our faith and learn about the Bible. We also chat about what is happening in our lives and share in some nice things to eat!
In recent years we have for example: read the book the ‘Essential 100’ to understand “the big picture of what the Bible is all about through 100 readings”; re-read the “I Am” sayings of John’s Gospel, to learn something of what Jesus is revealing about God; and read John Stott’s book ‘Understanding the Bible’ which “examines the social, geographical and historical background, and outlines the Bible’s story line”. In each case we always combine some lively discussion, with some time for prayer. 
For more information (or to check dates and venue) please contact Tim Clifford on email: timclifforduk@gmail.com, or 07885733938.